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On Sunday 30th of April 2023 in Koksijde: grand concert  for 3 mixed choirs, orchestra and organ.20th century music for 7 voices, organ and orchestra, monumental works that are seldom heard because of their extensive cast:

°Gloria, F.Poulenc

°In Convertendo Dominus, J.Van Nuffel

°Organ Symphony , C.Saint-Saëns

The choir works by Poulenc and J.Van Nuffel are melodious ,modern vocal works accompanied by an organ and an orchestra, both religious in inspiration, a Gloria and an interpretation of Psalm 125.The 3rd Symphony for Organ is well-known for its typical sound of the French organ.



Soprano : Emma Posman

Organ : Luc Ponet

Choirs : Beauvarletkoor Koksijde (dir. Griet De Meyer), Vivente Voce et Dulcisona (dir. Jeroen Keymeulen)

Mechels Kamerorkest ( dir. Tom Van den Eynde)

General direction: Jeroen Keymeulen



Sunday 23.04.23 at 16 hrs.:Sint-Romboutskathedraal, Mechelen

Sunday 30.04.23 ar 20 hrs.: OLVTer-Duinenkerk, Koksijde

Saturday 06.05.23 at 20.30 hrs.: Christus-Koningkerk, Gent

Tickets: doors 30€/advance booking 25 €/-26 yrs.10€

Tickets through choir members This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tourist Office Koksijde